Beginning of the Year: Preparation for the School Year 2021-2022

2. Choice of templates to introduce yourself to your students

Please choose one of these templates to use and create an "About Me" presentation.

Your host teacher will show the presentation to your students before you arrive. 

These introduction templates/tools/Google Forms... are to help you introduce yourself to your host teacher, to your school community, and to your students. 

Choice Board: 4 ways you could introduce yourself to your students: 

  1. Slideshow Template 1 - About Me - Fellow - Presentation Template 

  2. Slideshow Template 2 - Getting to Know Your Fellow

  3. Bitmoji Slideshow Template - All About Me Adjustable Template 

  4. Your Choice: Create a video, song, or use other online media to introduce yourself as long as it includes the following elements: 

    1. photo of you

    2. home town and country

    3. background 

    4. family 

    5. hobbies

    6. what makes you special/your “added value”  For example, "My added value is, I know how to teach dance or rap music, or I can juggle…"