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Date: Friday, 27 January 2023, 1:30 PM

1. Introduction

This section includes different activities for clothes vocabulary. Please make sure your students are familiar with the vocabulary of each activity or make the appropriate adaptations for your group. 

School book units about clothes and weather:

Freddy's World Unit 3 ("The Magic Pot") 

Click 2 Unit 2 

Click 3 Unit 4 

2. Weather and Clothes Vocabulary


summer, winter, spring, fall/autumn

sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy, snowy 

hot, cold, warm, cool

rain, rainbow, sun, thunder, lightning, storm, clouds, wind 


dress, skirt, sweater, pants, shirt, coat, umbrella, shoes, jacket, 

boots, scarf, hat, jeans, swimsuit, pajamas, socks, shorts

3. Clothes Videos

Clothes in English - this video includes an introduction to the vocabulary and a recognition activity (6:50). 

Kids vocabulary - Clothes

4. Weather Videos


How's the weather? (Dialogues, stories, and songs) 
The Weather - New Vocabulary 

5. Worksheet: Dress The Snow Man

Review the vocabulary items, draw clothes on the snow people, and write what they are wearing:

Dress the Snowman (version 1)
Dress the Snowman (version 2)
Dress the Snow People (advanced) 

6. Worksheet: What to Wear?

Match the clothing items to the weather 

Click here to download the printable document 

7. Worksheet: What Are They Wearing? (Advanced)

Click here to download the activity

Color the pictures and write sentences that describe Dana, Ron, and Tom. 

8. Worksheet: Color the Clothing Line

Click here to download the worksheet  

Color the clothes according to the instructions. 

9. Game: Clothes Dominoes

Shuffle the cards and give 5 “word dominoes” to each player. Place the remaining tiles off to the side of the playing area.

The Play: The player lays down any domino in the center of the playing area. The player to the left then lays down a domino from his hand with a matching end or pass if he cannot. Players must lay down a domino if he is able to do. Play continues until someone dominoes, or until no one has a legitimate play.

Click here to download "Clothes Dominoes"