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1. Introduction

This section includes different activities for School vocabulary items. Please make sure your students are familiar with the vocabulary of each activity or make the appropriate adaptations for your group. 

School book units about school Items:

Click 1 Unit 2 

2. "Quiet, Please!" Song Activity

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Video & Accompanying Activity

Follow the link below to arrive at the British Council website. This specific activity reviews different objects and actions that are found in the classroom in the form of a song.

Click hereTo visit the British Council website - 

Listen to the song again and put the school objects in order.

הקשיבו לשיר ומספרו את חפצי בית ספר לפי הסדר הנכון.

3. Worksheet: School Item Word Search

Find the words!

Click here to download the worksheet

Find the school objects in the word search below.

הקיפו את חפצי בית הספר בתפזורת למטה.

4. Worksheet: School Items Match Up

Click here to download the worksheet

School: Match them up!

Draw a line to match the picture to its word.

ציירו קו כדי להתאים את התמונה למילה שלה.

5. Worksheet: On My Shelf

Click here to download the worksheet 

Complete the sentences:

1.  The ____scissors____ are on my shelf.

2.  The ______________ is on my shelf.

3.  The ______________ is on my shelf.

4.  The ______________ is on my shelf.

5.  The ______________ is on my shelf.

7. Videos: At School

School supplies flashcards

Class Instructions

Classroom Rules