First Two Weeks - Preparation for the School Year

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Book: First Two Weeks - Preparation for the School Year
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Date: Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 7:27 PM


1. First Two Weeks

Here you will find resources that you will need to help you get the year started and use the time during the first two weeks to

  • create a presentation that you will use to introduce yourself to your students
  • get acquainted with and meet your host teacher in an online meeting
  • learn about what is expected of you
  • organize the year
  • learn about the general school culture in Israel 
  • learn about teaching English as a Foreign Language in your school 


2. Choice of templates to introduce yourself to your students

Please choose one of these templates to use and create an "About Me" presentation.

Your host teacher will show the presentation to your students before you arrive. 

These introduction templates/tools/Google Forms... are to help you introduce yourself to your host teacher, to your school community, and to your students. 

Choice Board: 4 ways you could introduce yourself to your students: 

  1. Slideshow Template 1 - About Me - Fellow - Presentation Template 

  2. Slideshow Template 2 - Getting to Know Your Fellow

  3. Bitmoji Slideshow Template - All About Me Adjustable Template 

  4. Your Choice: Create a video, song, or use other online media to introduce yourself as long as it includes the following elements: 

    1. photo of you

    2. home town and country

    3. background 

    4. family 

    5. hobbies

    6. what makes you special/your “added value”  For example, "My added value is, I know how to teach dance or rap music, or I can juggle…" 

3. Online Meeting With Host Teacher - Icebreaker and Google Form

Please fill out this form during and after your online meeting with your host teacher. 

Link: First Online Host Teacher Meeting Form 2021-2022

Goal: Get acquainted with and present yourself to your host teacher. Here are some guidelines about how to have a conversation with the teacher, what to ask, what to say… 

During your meeting, choose one of the icebreakers below to facilitate meeting your host teacher for the first time: 

Sentence Starter Icebreaker - Take turns asking and answering each other 5 of these questions. 

    • I spent my summer… 

    • My dream vacation is… and I would bring...

    • The way I would describe my family is... 

    • The things I value most are...

    • My favorite pastimes are... 

    • Where I hope to be five years from now... 

    • The thing I remember most about my years in school is... 

    • The thing I would most like to accomplish this year... 

    • The thing that concerns me most about this year is... 

    • I am a cat person, dog person, bird person, or gerbil person... My favorite pet is… because…


Hopes and Fears Icebreaker - Each person shares and discusses: 

What is your greatest hope for the upcoming school year?

What is your greatest fear for the upcoming school year?  


Good luck and let us know how it goes!

4. Toolbox Activity Reflection Google Form

This activity is designed to help you become familiar with the contents of the Pedagogical Toolbox. Please access the Toolbox as you complete this activity. 

Toolbox Activity Reflection Google Form

5. More Bitmoji Classroom Templates

Here's the link: 

Link to more Bitmoji Classroom Templates

Please make a copy of this slideshow for your own use.