Speaking for the 9th Grade

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Book: Speaking for the 9th Grade
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Date: Monday, 23 May 2022, 12:23 PM

1. Introduction

The following activities consist of speaking activities and different topics for oral presentations.

  • Unit 4 contains more "open-ended" questions and students can work in pairs or small groups.
  • Unit 5 contains oral presentations that are designed to be made to present to the whole class, which usually takes around 2 lessons.

Note: Clicking on the links under each activity will automatically download the document.

2. 7 Things Americans Don't Really Say

3. Different ways to say...

"You're welcome"



"How are you?"

5. Common English Expressions

6. Oral Presentations

Oral Presentation Option #1:

The Dangers of Smoking

Oral Presentation Option #2:

Clean-Up Day

Oral Presentation Option #3:

Planning A Party