Speaking for the 5th Grade (Basic/Class Level)

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Book: Speaking for the 5th Grade (Basic/Class Level)
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Date: Thursday, 1 June 2023, 2:54 AM

1. Speaking Worksheets

This website has speaking worksheets for all levels

2. Get to Know Each Other Cards

These cards include questions about different topics that allow students to express themselves and get to know each other's interests and hobbies. 

Recommended Level: 5th-6th grade 

Click here to download the cards 

3. Apps & Digital

  • This app (to download on student's phones) lets them create an avatar and add dialogue.
  • Voki is an online website that allows you to create a character and have it speak dialogue (if students don't have phones to download apps this is a good resource)

4. Drama

The Improv Encyclopedia has hundreds of speaking activities/games and is a great way to start or end a class.

5. Who are They?

Click Here to Download the Activity

השלימו את המשפטים וכיתבו משפטים חדשים במשבצות הריקות

Complete the sentences and write new sentences in the blanks