Speaking Activities for Beginners (3rd-4th Grade)

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Book: Speaking Activities for Beginners (3rd-4th Grade)
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Date: Monday, 8 August 2022, 1:10 PM

1. Clips to Stimulate Kids' Conversations

This series provides the basics of English spoken conversations. It is recommended to go over the conversations with the students. Have them speak! :)

2. Speaking activity with cards

The following files include different cards that you can show an early beginner pupil to begin basic conversations. The pupil can use the cards to show his answer, then saying it with you. Make sure you speak slowly and encourage the pupil to speak as much as possible. 

1. Who are you?

2. Cognates activity

3. Weather and Clothes   

Note: You can either print the activities or show it to the pupil on a screen. 

3. Who Are They?

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השלימו את המשפטים וכיתבו משפטים חדשים במשבצות הריקות

Complete the sentences and write new sentences in the blanks