Songs & Videos by Topics and Themes (Elementary School 5-6th grade)

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Book: Songs & Videos by Topics and Themes (Elementary School 5-6th grade)
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Date: Monday, 8 August 2022, 1:05 PM

1. About Me/ Introductions / Good Morning!

 What's your name? Can you spell it? Where are you from?

 A Sesame Street rap. This song is a little challenging.

 Sesame Street: We All Sing the Same Song. Click here

What's Your Name? How Do You Spell It? (Review of present simple)

Click here Where Are You From? What's Your Name?


2. Countries and World Wonders

Advanced Level 

 It's A Small World Song with walkthrough of the theme park attraction. The song ends at 2:24 and after there's just pictures.

 European countries song.

 Wako's Countries song. 

 Wako's Flags song.

Basic Level 

 Where are you from? subtitled.

 Matt Dances Around the World. No dialogue except for the country names in English.

3. Jobs & Careers

 Play this song to your students and have them write down as many words from the song as possible. You can find the lyrics here and print a copy (or display on a projector) for each student after they have written down the words they heard.

 If I Became President

 Professions Song

 Everybody Has A Job

 Interviewing Girls in an Indian School

Click here to view Interviewing People: What's Your Job?

4. Clothes

 Sesame Street - Planning Clothes to Wear in Winter

 Mr. Bean. There isn't much dialogue so you can ask your students which article of clothing is shown as the video plays.

 Play Along with Ollie

 What Are You Wearing?

This link takes you to a website that will read a story about clothes. You will need to occassionally press the "Play" button at the top to continue the story. Adobe Flash is required for this listening activity.

5. Animals


 Emperor penguins in Antarctica. 

How Much Is That Doggy In the Window? Classic song.

 The Iguana Song


6. Food


 An Apple a Day poem. The words are a little difficult but there are accompanying words in the video.

 Charlie Brown breakfast.

 How To Make Guacamole

 Australian Hungry Jack's Commercial

 Joe Cool at the Supermarket

 The Apples and Bananas song

 Sesame Street - Everybody Eats

7. Environment

 Change the World in 5 minutes. It is an Australian video so you can tell your students the "American" version of words.

 What Does It Mean to be Green?

8. Weather

 How's the Weather? with subtitles

 Sesame Street - Ernie and Bert in the Rain

 Sesame Street - Grover the Weather Monster

 Sesame Street News Flash

story about seasons. You will occassionally need to press the "Play" button at the top of the page.

9. Professions

  • This video goes over a few jobs and shows their spelling. The website includes an activity to go along with the video so feel free to use it.

 Israeli Gal Fridman talks about winning gold in sailing in the Olympics

10. The Body

 The Ugly Monster Song

 Sesame Street - Faces Rap

 Sesame Street - Drawing Bert's Face

11. Colors

12. Feelings

13. School

  • A story about basic words and sayings in a school setting.
  •  A song that describes different materials students need.
  • A story about kids who are super heroes.

14. Counting & Numbers

 NASA count down

 A Sesame Street song that counts up to 40.

 The Count in the Farmer's Market. Skip to :27 to get straight to the video.

 Five Little Monkeys

16. Days of Week & Months

 Days of the Week Song

 Hawaii-Themed Months Song

 Days of the Week Song #2

 Months of the Year