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Reading Acquisition: Videos and Activities

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Book: Reading Acquisition: Videos and Activities
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Date: Friday, 25 September 2020, 5:57 AM

1. VIDEO: How to teach reading with phonics

This video series explains how to teach reading with phonics in 12 lessons.

The Alphabet & Letter Sounds

CVCs (3 Letter Words)

2 & 3 Letter Consonant Blends 

2 & 3 Letter Consonant Digraphs

Long Vowel Sounds

R Controlled Vowels & Magic E

Long A Sound

Long E Sound

Long I Sound

Long O Sound

Long U Sound 

Vowel Digraphs & Diphthongs

2. ABC Letter Cards

Print out these ABC Cards to practice with your students. Hold each card up and ask them what the letter is and have them sound out the accompanying word.

3. ABC Videos

 This video shows how to write ALL of the letters. It's 45 minutes long so you can skip to whichever letters your kids aren't familiar with. It goes in alphabetical order.

4. Food

1. A Fast Food PowerPoint. Project the presentation from your classroom computer/personal laptop. Read each slide aloud and have your students repeat after you.

2. A Healthy Foods coloring worksheet

3. A Fruits & Vegetables worksheet to color and fill in the missing letters. Some spelling of the words may be tricky, it is recommended to write the trickier words on a whiteboard.

5. School

1. This worksheet is about what different items are in a schoolbag. It is recommended to print in color.

7. Reading Cards

This activity is a bit longer than average. You can choose do some of the sections.

Download here

Reading Booklet

8. "Dig into Reading" Reading Booklet

This booklet includes short reading tasks

Click here to download Dig into Reading 

9. On the Farm Reading Activity

This activity should take around 30 minutes for your students to complete. Print out pages 2-3 for each of your students.

Download here

10. Teaching Tips

This video is for advice on teaching sight words:

Creative ways to teach sight words:

11. ABC Worksheet

ABC Matching worksheet - This activity is best printed out for each student so they can practice writing the lowercase letters.

ABC Test - Print each test for each student.

ABC of Foods - Print for each student. Kids like talking about food so this should be an interesting worksheet for them.