Beginner Writing Tasks

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Date: Sunday, 25 September 2022, 8:43 AM

1. Introduction

Below are writing activities to print for your students. Ideally each document should take almost a whole lesson to complete. 

  • The activities are organized by level. You may print whichever tasks are most suited for your class.

Note: Clicking the hyperlinks will open the document in a new tab.

2. Beginner's Writing Tasks

Write an Essay About Yourself

This activity provides students with scaffolding for writing an entire essay about themselves. 

Click here to download the workplace.  

Class Recipe Book 

Class Recipe Book for Hebrew Speakers

Recipe Book For Arabic Speakers 

I Like, I Don't Like 

I Like To... For Hebrew Speakers
I Like To... For Arabic Speakers

Write a Thank You Note 

The Thank-You Note

Which is Which? 

In this task, you will read a story and use a word bank to help you understand difficult words.

Which is Which?

3. Intermediate Writing Tasks

5th Grade

Option 1:

My Monster

Option 2:

6th Grade 

Option 1:

Dolls From Around the World

Option 2:

Grandpa Henry the Armchair Traveler

Option 3:

Let's Plan a Meal

Option 4:

People I Love

4. Who are they?

Click Here to Download the Activity

השלימו את המשפטים וכיתבו משפטים חדשים במשבצות הריקות

Complete the sentences and write new sentences in the blanks

5. Advanced Writing Tasks

5th Grade 

Option 1:

Keep Our World Clean - Hebrew Speakers

Keep Our World Clean - Arabic Speakers

Option 2:

The Man and the Nut Tree - Hebrew Speakers

The Man and the Nut Tree - Arabic Speakers

6th Grade 

Missing a Day in School 

The students practice writing an email to help a friend who missed a day in school

Click here to download the workpage 

Option 1:

Our TV Is Broken!

Option 2:

Ten Bottles

Option 3:

The Dog Who Wanted Too Much

Option 4:

The Strangest Thing

6. Get to Know Each Other Cards

These cards include questions about different topics that allow students to express themselves and get to know each other's interests and hobbies. 

Recommended Level: 5th-6th grade 

Click here to download the cards 

7. Write About New Year

Click here to download the worksheet

Recommended Level: 5th-6th grade

Our New Year

Write a letter to a friend who lives in another country. Tell your friend about your New Year’s celebration and ask about his/hers.

כיתבו מכתב לחבר או חברה שגרים במדינה אחרתספרו להם איך אתם חוגגים את בוא השנה החדשה ושאלו אותם על החגיגות שלהם.