Games and Activities for the 4th Grade (Basic/Class Level)

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Book: Games and Activities for the 4th Grade (Basic/Class Level)
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Date: Saturday, 19 September 2020, 11:21 AM

1. Numbers & Counting

  • Curious George numbers game 
  • another Curious George game. Count with Allie

  • 2. Colors

    Curious George interactive game. Pull it up on your computer/tablet and have your kids decide which color hats to take.

    3. Timed Word Game

    Have your students gather around and look at the paper. Point your finger at each word and have them correctly pronounce as many as they can in a minute.

    Download here

    4. Alphabets

    ABC Matching Game

    Write the small letters under the capital letters and then match the letter to the picture. Click here to download the game