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Date: Saturday, 23 October 2021, 4:43 AM

1. Panorama Alternatives, Introduction

Attached are activities for the Introduction Lesson. With these activities, students will practice listening and speaking. They will ask and answer questions in a dialogue about "Nice to Meet You."

Click here to download Panorama Introduction activities for the 6th-grade document

Note: All the activities are suggestions. We suggest you spend a few minutes at the beginning and end of each session to ease into the activities. Make any adjustments and vary the Opening and Closing, if needed, to fit the levels of your students.

2. Introduce Yourself

Students take turns speaking and listening to each other’s greetings to learn about each other.

Write or display phrases such as these on the board. Model a few examples with students. Then, students take turns asking and answering questions to each other in pairs.

The sentence strips can be cut apart to hand out to the students.

Hello, what is your name?


My name is ___________________.


Do you have a nickname?


My nickname is _________________.


Where do you live?


I live ____________________.


How old are you?


I am ____________ years old.


Do you have any siblings?


I have ________ brothers and ________ sisters.


Do you have any pets?


I have ____________ pets.


Who is your best friend?


My best friend is ____________________.


What is your favorite food?


My favorite food is __________________.