Extra Links and Activities for Move Ahead

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Book: Extra Links and Activities for Move Ahead
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3. Extra Activities for Unit 4

Unit 4 — Egypt Long Ago

Royal Palace of Tutankhamun - written by a student
Ancient Photography Directory (Egypt) - by Richard Deurer
Treasures of Tutankhamun Gallery
BBC History - Ancient Egypt

Task sites: 
Israel Wonders - Go Israel
LonelyPlanet - Israel

4. Extra Activities for Unit 5

Unit 5 — Are You Afraid?

Scary Stories

5. Extra Activities for Unit 6

Unit 6 — What's in the Future?

Future travel: How will we get around?
Google Images - Future house

Task sites: 
Google Images - Future house

6. Move Ahead: Audio Reading Files

For the audio reading files please enter the following link 


7. Enrichment Activities and Games

For Enrichment Activities and Games click the following link