Extra Links and Activities for Thumbs Up!

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Book: Extra Links and Activities for Thumbs Up!
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Date: Sunday, 4 December 2022, 1:29 AM

1. Extra Activities for Unit 1

Unit 1 — Is It the Same?

Celebrity Twins
List of Twins (Wikipedia)
Spot the Difference

2. Extra Activities for Unit 2

Unit 2 — Ready for Lunch?

Smart Food, Junk Food
Junk Food Jungle - lesson plan
Snacks Kids Make Around the World

4. Extra Activities for Unit 4

Unit 4 — Who Is the Winner?

Amazing Kids

5. Extra Activities for Unit 5

Unit 5 — What Do You think?

Old Navy / Gap Shopping Online

: Helping Kids Understand Food Ads on TV (YouTube)
 Helping Kids Understand Toy Ads (YouTube)
 - What psychological tricks do they use? (YouTube)

7. Thumbs Up!: Audio Reading Files

For audio reading files please enter the following link 


8. Enrichment Activities and Games

For Enrichment Activities and Games click the following link