Extra Links and Activities for English for Today

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Book: Extra Links and Activities for English for Today
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Date: Tuesday, 3 August 2021, 11:09 PM

1. Extra Activities for Unit 1

Unit 1 — Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Net Lingua Internet Acroynms

Task sites:
 - YouTube
Bobby McFerrin - Who's Bobby?

2. Extra Activities for Unit 2

Unit 2 — The Power of Song

The One Shekel music festival

Songs of Love

Task sites:
Karmiel Dance Festival

3. Extra Activities for Unit 4

Unit 4 — Go Green!

Recycling: British Glass
Recycling Now
Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags 

Task sites:
How Green Are You? (British Council online quiz)

4. Extra Activities for Unit 5

Unit 5 — Meeting People

 - YouTube (no speaking)
'Trusting each other': A Jewish-Arab circus 

6. English for Today: Audio Reading Files

For audio reading files please enter the following link 


7. Enrichment Activities and Games

For Enrichment Activities and Games click the following link