Unit 1: The Amazing Amazon

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Resources: Junior High School
Book: Unit 1: The Amazing Amazon
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Date: Wednesday, 4 August 2021, 12:14 AM

1. Video: Ed Stafford Completes His Journey

Watch the video and answer these questions:


1. How many miles have 'his feet been wet"?

2. How many boots and Crocs did he wear out?

3. What happened to his original partner?

4. Which ocean did they jump into?

2. Earth Day - Make a Poster

Make an online poster about Earth Day

Divide your students into groups/pairs and ask them to find information about Earth Day in Israel or around the world. 

     a. The activities for Earth Day 

     b. The location they take place at  

     c. Who are the people who attend 

     d. How they helped the earth

The sites below can help you (keywords – Earth Day Events)

Earth Day

Earth Day: Take Action

Now ask the students to make a poster with facts about an Earth Day event. 

They can do it online (on Glogster) or on an A4 paper. You can bring magazines and pictures they can use for their posters. 

Make sure the grammar, spelling, and punctuation is correct. 

At the end of the lesson, the students share their posters with the group.