Unit 1 Activities: Meet the Characters

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1. Unit 1 Activities

Attached are activities for Unit 1. These include bingo, snakes and ladders, and a quiz to test your students' knowledge of the unit. For ease of access, additional online materials such as videos and songs will be kept separate from the activities document.

Click here to download Click 1 Unit 1 Activities- Meet the Characters 3rd Grade

Note:  All the activities are suggestions. We suggest you spend a few minutes at the beginning and end of each session to ease into the activities. Make any adjustments and vary the Opening and Closing, if needed, to fit the levels of your students. 

2. Begin Your Lesson

Opening: Write the day and date on board. We suggest you start the session with a song or video (see below). Instructor and students greet each other. Engage in a conversation with the students about some of these familiar topics.

 ·  Instructor says: “Good morning/afternoon, students!”

o      Students say: Good …!

·  Instructor says: “It’s nice to see you again.”

o      Students say: I'm glad to see you too. (Explain that glad means happy.)

·  Instructor says: “Welcome to our lesson.”

·  Instructor says: “My name is “…” “What’s your name?”

·  Student says: “My name is “…” That student turns to next student and asks, “What’s your name?” The next student says… “My name is…” (Continue speaking and practicing names with each student in the group.)

· Instructor asks: “How are you? What’s new?”

    • Student says: I'm good/ I'm fine/ I'm all right

· Instructor asks: “How is your day?” Student says: It is good. / My day was great/fine.

· Instructor asks: What time is it?

· Instructor asks: “What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow?”

· Instructor asks: “What season are we in now?”


 Early Elementary

· Instructor asks: “What is the month?” Practice saying today is “…….” with students. Elementary and Young Juniors

· Instructor asks: “How’s the weather?” Early Elementary song:  

o   Students practice saying: It is cloudy/ it's rainy/ it's hot/ it’s nice/ sunny/ windy / cold / foggy…

· Instructor asks: “Are you ready to start our activities today?”

    • Students: “Yes!!”  

Need help calming your students down? Try this: How to Calm Young Children Down in Minutes – Palming technique – Early Elementary (grades 1-4) Video:

o   Click here to access: How to calm young children down in minutes

3. Greetings/How Are You?/How Old Are You Videos

 The Greetings Song

 Good Morning Mister Rooster 

 What's Your Name?

 What's Your Name?

 How Old Are You?

4. Unit 1 Bingo



Play bingo using the cards below. You will need "placeholders" for each student so they can mark which words have been called out. There are 8 different bingo boards to print out, preferably in color. Each student should receive one bingo card OR you can pair two students up and they will play as a team.

Aim of the game:

 To be the first one to fill in four squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Hebrew Instructions

כללי המשחק:

·     שחקנים מוצאים את המילה על הלוחות שלהם, לכסות אותו עם שעועית או כפתור.

·     השחקן הראשון שיש "בינגו" (ארבעה ברציפות בכל כיוון - אנכי, אופקי, אלכסוני)


·         יש אפשרות לשחק כצוות בזוגות.

card 1:

card 1

card 2:

card 2

card 3:

card 3

card 4:

card 4

card 5:

card 5

card 6:

card 6

card 7:

card 7

card 8:

card 8

word list (read/show in random order) 


5. Snakes & Ladders

Preparation: Glue board on stiff back and cut out (lamination optional).

Play: Play in small groups of 2-4. Roll one or two dice and move your “soldier” forward. When you land on a square, you read the word aloud. If you land on a ladder you climb up. If you land on a snake you slide down. If you know the definition of the word, you can choose to have another turn (or if you landed on a snake you can choose not to slide down.)  The first person to reach FINISH wins. (Or make up your own rules.) 

כללי המשחק:

לגלגל קוביה אחת או שתיים ולהזיז את החייל שלך קדימה. קרא בקול את המילה בריבוע עליו נעצרת. אם אתה נוחת על סולם, אתה מטפס. אם אתה נוחת על נחש, אתה חייב להחליק למטה. אם אתה יודע את התרגום של המילה, אתה יכול לבחור אם יש לך עוד תור (או אם נחתת על נחש אתה יכול לבחור לא להחליק למטה.) האדם הראשון להגיע ל-סיום מנצח.

6. Counting Videos

 simple numbers and counting video

 5 Little Ducks

8. Finish Your Lesson

Closing: After each session before you say goodbye, ask students to reflect on the lesson.

·   Instructor asks: What is one thing you liked about the lesson?

 ·   Ask each student to tell you 3 new English words they learned today.

o   Repeat the new words after the student says them. Then, repeat the new words with the student again so he/she practices and learns the correct pronunciation.

·   Ask: What is one question you still have about what you learned today?

Say goodbye to the students. Tell them you are looking forward to seeing them next time… Instructor says: Have a good day/afternoon… See you next time…