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Date: Monday, 23 May 2022, 12:22 PM

1. Introduction

The following links and activities can help you introduce the students to traditions that they are not familiar with. This is a great way for the students to learn about the American culture and also American history. 

Please note that there are many new vocabulary words and concepts that have to be pre-taught.

Personal and first-hand stories, pictures, and experience will make your lessons even more fascinating! 

2. Vocabulary list for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving - חג ההודיה

to celebrate - לחגוג

November - נובמבר

Pilgrim - עולה לרגל ,צַלְיָן

feast - סעודה

turkey - תרנגול הודו

family - משפחה

relatives - קרובי משפחה

together - ביחד

Native Americans - ילידים אמריקאים, אינדיאנים

stuffing -  מילוי

corn - תירס

cornucopia - קֶרֶן הַשֶּׁפַע

squash, pumpkin - דלעת

mashed potatoes - פירה

gravy - רוטב בשר

pumpkin pie - עוגת דלעת

3. Thanksgiving games and activities

In this link you will find 10 activities to introduce American culture and Thanksgiving to your students. These activities include: "What Are You Thankful for?" discussion, planning a perfect meal, pass your plate, football activity, Bingo, Charades, etc.

4. Vocabulary Videos: "What is Thanksgiving?"

For young learners:

For JHS/HS students:

5. Videos: The story of Thanksgiving (all levels)

Simplified version of the first Thanksgiving story. (6th grade+) 

History Channel: History of Thanksgiving (JHS/HS students) 

4th/5th grade 

Cartoon: The story of Thanksgiving 

Cartoon: The first Thanksgiving 

6. Learn about Thanksgiving (8th-12th grade)

7. Songs about Thanksgiving (4th grade)

8. iSLCollective: English ESL Thanksgiving worksheets

In this link you will find downloadable worksheets about Thanksgiving Day. 

9. Thanksgiving Listening Comprehension and Dictation