Virtual Learning: Elementary School

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Date: Wednesday, 7 December 2022, 7:59 PM

1. Speaking Cards

The following cards can be used as speaking prompts. 

Click here to download the activity 

2. Speaking Activity - Q&A Cards

60 question cards and 60 answer cards that can be used for oral practice. Focus on 1-2 cards with each student. You can send them the answer cards in advance or ask them to give their own answers. 

Click here to download the activity 

3. Interactive Worksheets

The following links include interactive online exercises with self-correction. 


Greetings Interactive Page (4th Grade)

My name is Tony (Listening Activity) (4th Grade)

Classroom Instructions

Classroom Verbs (3rd-4th Grade) 


Colors Practice (4th grade) 

Fish Color Practice (4th grade) 

Shapes and Colors (4th-5th grade) 


Numbers 1-10 Listening Activity (3rd-4th grade) 

Numbers True or False (5th grade) 

Numbers 1-10 Unscramble (4th-5th grade)

Food Items 

Food Vocabulary Practice (4th grade) 

I Like / I Don't Like (4th-5th grade)

Likes and Dislikes Listening Practice (4th-5th grade) 

Food Vocabulary Matching (5th grade) 

Food Multiple Choice Practice (5th grade) 

Form Sentences About Food (5th-6th grade) 

Fruits (Listen, Drag, Drop) (5th grade)

Food Vocabulary Matching (5th grade)

School Items 

School Supplies (Listen and Choose) (4th-5th grade)

The Weather

Seasons (4th grade) 

Letters, Grammar & Language

Verbs Practice (6th grade)
In, On, Under (4th grade)

Phonics Practice (4th grade) Letter-Sound-Word Practice (4th-5th grade)