Engaging New Readers Seminar - November 2019

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Book: Engaging New Readers Seminar - November 2019
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Date: Monday, 8 August 2022, 1:16 PM

1. Introduction

Engaging New Readers Seimnar 

The goal of the Seminar is to assist you in engaging your students in the reading process (pre, while, post) to increase English fluency and foster a love of reading.

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2. Prof. Penny Ur - 20 Useful Tips for Teaching a Reading Text

Click here to download "20 tips about using a reading text in class"

3. Dr. Nancy Peled - The Voice is the Vehicle: Reader's Theater in the English Classroom

Click here to download "The Voice is the Vehicle: Reader's Theater in the English Classroom"

4. Promoting Reading through Reader's Theater in the Classroom - Dr. Nancy Peled

Reader's Theater is a strategy that improves reading comprehension skills while enhancing children's self-confidence in an engaging format. You will encounter the strategy of Reader's Theater by experiencing the process through which they will guide their students. To that end, in this workshop they will be involved in preparing, practicing, and presenting a reading text used in their classroom as Reader's Theater. After completing the workshop, you will not only have experienced firsthand how Reader's Theater improves the quality of reading, you will have the tools to incorporate Reader’s Theater in your sessions with students.

The Voice is the Vehicle - Reader’s Theater in the English Classroom

“Something from Nothing”  an inspiring Eastern European Jewish folktale

“Too Much Noise”  for FIVE Readers (9 Minutes)

5. Reading Engagement Strategies - Emphasizing Digital Aspects - Hanny Fuks, M.A.

Learn Pre, While and Post-Reading while creating interactive digital activities, Talent Show and Mentoring Reading Club materials such as treasure hunt, and creative book reports as well as interactive video reading lessons. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to create your own interactive YouTube activity book, online activities for vocabulary acquisition, use video and audio tools for reading, and sharing activities on Padlet.

Engaging New Readers: workshop with Hanny Fuks 


Aladdin Vocabulary (ch.1-2)

Aladdin Vocabulary (ch.3-4)

The Secret Garden Vocabulary (ch.1-2)

VIZIA: https://vizia.co/

HACHTAVA: https://www.hachtava.co.il/

VIZIA Activity Sample Activity 


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories)

6. The Visual Side of Reading Strategies - Ahava Steinbauer, M.Ed.

Would you like to learn exciting and fun ways to use visuals to increase reading comprehension and fluency? Learn about pre, while, and post-reading strategies such as vocabulary and visualization, read/think/draw, interpreting visuals using mental images to create meaning, storyboarding, and comics. By the end of the workshop, you will have a “toolbox” of visuals to use with students to enhance reading comprehension and fluency.

The Vidual Side of Reading Strategies

Ahava's comics files  

7. Pre, While, and Post Reading Teaching Strategies - Nicole Broder, M.A.

You will learn practical ways to pre-teach new vocabulary, conduct shared reading lessons, and encourage post-reading written and oral activities.

Bank of Pre-reading activities

Building Anticipation Worksheet

Bank of Post-reading activities 

8. Reading for Pleasure in the Junior High Classroom - Amanda Caplan, M.A.

You will learn Strategies for teaching texts and motivating students to read for pleasure as an expansion tool for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) skills.

Amanda Caplan's Story of the Apple Star

9. Memes - Strategies for Adding Spice to your Lessons - Howie Gordon, M.Ed.

Using Memes and Comics in your classroom activities will add spice and humor to your lessons and will encourage your students to read. By the end of the activity, you will have a bunch of memes and comics that you’ve created in the session that can be used in class immediately. I will also show how these tools can be achieved digitally as well.

Memes to choose from