Engaging New Readers Seminar - November 2019

4. Promoting Reading through Reader's Theater in the Classroom - Dr. Nancy Peled

Reader's Theater is a strategy that improves reading comprehension skills while enhancing children's self-confidence in an engaging format. You will encounter the strategy of Reader's Theater by experiencing the process through which they will guide their students. To that end, in this workshop they will be involved in preparing, practicing, and presenting a reading text used in their classroom as Reader's Theater. After completing the workshop, you will not only have experienced firsthand how Reader's Theater improves the quality of reading, you will have the tools to incorporate Reader’s Theater in your sessions with students.

The Voice is the Vehicle - Reader’s Theater in the English Classroom

“Something from Nothing”  an inspiring Eastern European Jewish folktale

“Too Much Noise”  for FIVE Readers (9 Minutes)