Unit 1 Activities: Food

3. Food Dominoes

Print the domino cards below. You can have each child play by themselves or split the students into groups of four or less.

Instructions: Lay out one domino from the set and match the picture side to its appropriate word or match the word side to its appropriate picture. Continue laying out dominoes until every domino is correctly matched. You may turn corners when you run out of room.

 כללי המשחק: קחו את כרטיסי הדומינו והניחו על השולחן. אחר כך, התאימו את התמונה לפירוש המתאים .המשיכו עד שנגמרים הקלפים. ניתן לשנות כיוון.

You can find printable cards under "Unit 1 Activities"