Unit 1 - Way to Go

2. Polar Bear Video


Discuss the video with the students and answer the questions below. Then, ask the students to write the answers in complete sentences using correct punctuation (capital letters and periods). 

Note: You may need to view the video more than once with the students. You may need to give sentence starters if your students need it. Write the sentence starters on the board or give the students’ paper with the sentence starters written out. 

Link to video about polar bears: 

1.  Polar bears are described as one of the most “magnificent” animals on the planet. What is a synonym for “magnificent?” 

A synonym for magnificent is _______________________. awesome, excellent, great…   

2.  Why are the polar bears “struggling to survive?” 

The polar bears are struggling to survive because the ice is melting all around them and/or food is becoming harder to find. (also--- climate change, global warming…) 

3.  Ask students to create one question about the video and ask each other (out loud).