Unit 2: Art for You and Me

2. Nahum Gutman: Watching Activity

Activity 1:

Go to this website about Israeli artist Nahum Gutman.


Students have learned about him in this chapter. Watch the video yourself before viewing it with the students. When you are ready to view it with the students, stop the video at exactly 1:01.

Ask the students the following questions:

What is happening in the video now?

Where are the children in the video?

What are they doing?

What do you think will happen next?


מה מתרחש עכשיו בסרטון?

איפה נמצאים הילדים בסרטון?

מה הם עושים? 

מה אתם חושבים שהולך לקרות בהמשך? 

Students tell you the answers verbally. Then, play the rest of the video and discuss what happened.

Ask students if they were surprised by what happened. How did they feel about the ending of the video? Happy, surprised, curious, engaged…?

Hebrew: האם אתם מופתעים ממה שקרה? כיצד הסרטון גורם לכם להרגיש?

Ask students why they think the creators of the video produce the video in this way? What were they trying to do? (engage children, get children curious about the art and the museum…)

Hebrew: מה לדעתכם היתה המטרה של יוצרי הסרטון? 

Ask students to write one or more sentences about what they saw in the video.

Hebrew: כיתבו מספר משפטים על מה שראיתם בסרטון