Unit 1: London

4. The Official London Duck Tour

“Climb aboard one of London Duck Tours’ extraordinary yellow vehicles and enter the world of amphibious travel. It is much more exciting than just a typical sightseeing bus tour or river trip.”

Ask students: Would you like to ride the “Duck?” What do you think the most exciting part of the ride would be?


האם הייתם עולים על "הברווז"?‎

מה אתם חושבים שהולך להיות החלק הכי מסעיר?


Ask students: What do you think the word, amphibious, means based on what the vehicle does? What other things/animals do you know that are amphibious? i.e., frogs, alligators… 


על סמך הפעולות שהרכב עושה, מה אתם חושבים שהמילה amphibious אומרת? אילו עוד חיות או חפצים עושים פעולה דומה?

amphibious - definition from: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/amphibious



 UK  /æmˈfɪb.i.əs/ US /æmˈfɪb.i.əs/

-of or relating to a type of animal that lives both on land and in water: amphibious animals

-relating to vehicles that operate both on land and in water: amphibious vehicles/aircraft

an amphibious landing/attack (= from the sea onto the land)