“Sky High” Unit 1

3. The Weather and You – Likes and Dislikes

Directions: Before class starts, Teacher, print out the pictures at the end of this lesson (see complete file under 'introduction') and write the names of the seasons on each of the pictures: Spring (flower), Summer (sun), Fall (leaf) Winter (rain and snowflake). Print each of them out on full size sheets of paper.

Tape one season with corresponding picture on each wall of the classroom.

Direct students to walk to the wall where their favorite season is.

Teacher: Write these sentence starters and questions on the board and throughout the activity prompt students to say:


“My favorite season is… I like spring because…”

Students practice speaking aloud with you and each other saying, “My favorite season is… I like spring because…”

Prompt students to think about the questions below if they get stuck.


What does the temperature/weather feel like/look like outside?

What are you wearing?

What sounds might you hear?

What do you see around you?

What does the sky look like?

What activities do you do in each season?


Next, ask students to stand near their least favorite season wall. Students practice saying sentences. My least favorite season is… I dislike winter because… it’s too cold and I have to wear more clothes… or because it rains a lot and I get wet…