“Sky High” Unit 1

5. Dream Vacation

Directions: Students sit in a circle and take turns speaking about their dream vacation.

Practice using the weather words.

 Each student should describe in about two sentences which type of weather they like on vacation and tell the class where they will go on vacation.

 Write this sentence on the board:

 Example:  “I like sunny skies and warm ocean water. I’m going on vacation to Eilat.

 The second person sitting to the left of the person that just went, will describe his/her dream vacation weather, and then tell the class where he/she is going on vacation.


That student must also repeat where the first student is going on vacation.


The third student then tells the class about his dream vacation weather and then where she/he will go.


That student also says where student number two will go and then where student number one will go.


Continue until you make it all the way around the circle to the first student who tries to say, in the correct order, where each of his classmates will take his dream vacation.


You may need to prompt students throughout the game if they get stuck.