“Sky High Workbook" Unit 1

3. Matching Vocabulary Game

Directions: Print a set of cards for each student (SEE COMPLETE DOCUMENT UNDER INTRODUCTION)  Students cut cards apart and practice matching the Direction Cards with the Definition Cards. Students keep the set of cards for use with the book throughout the year. Direct students to practice speaking with each other and say the directions/definitions out loud using complete sentences.

Direction Cards

look up the definition

choose one or more


discuss the meaning

match the words





check the work











answer the questions


share your answers




ניגודים לחפש

complete the sentences



correct the sentence


translate the sentence





Definition Cards


tell how something is different

tell how something is similar


to look at work to make sure it is correct


to talk about something with someone else


to finish making or doing

to say or write something




to give or tell a partner something


to fix the mistakes


to write or say in another language

to find the partner of something


to pick the best one

to find out information about something