7. Where the Wind Blows (5th-12th grade)

Have your group seated in chairs arranged in a circle. One person stands in the middle (and does NOT have a chair). The goal is to avoid being the last person standing! 

(Make sure your students know what "never" means. Use the appropriate vocabulary for each class.) 

The person in the middle needs to say a sentence of something they have never done before. For example, “I’ve never been in an airplane”, “I never been to a buffet”, “I’ve never been the Hawaii”, “I’ve never had a pet”.

If the person’s statement applies to someone sitting in the circle, that person has to move from his or her seat and sit in a different chair.

The person in the middle will need to try to sit down. One person will remain standing. The standing person starts a new round by saying a different statement.

Note: People cannot move to seats on their immediate left or right. For example, they can sit two seats away, but they cannot move to the left or right of their current chairs.