Cool! Unit 2: Is It True?

4. Activity 1: Review: When do you…?

Directions: Teacher distributes the cards with the time expressions related to “When do you…?” (Print and cut them out ahead of time.) Students play a game and match both sets of cards to create sentences. If there is time, they can also write and make up their own sentences to give to each other.











once a week

in the morning

in the afternoon

on Tuesdays

after school

in the evening

after dinner

at five o’clock

before practice





·         Cut out these sentence strips to match with cards above:

Hebrew instructions for the students:

·   גזרו את המשפטים הבאים והתאימו בינם לבין הכרטיסיות


we eat dinner


I feed my dog


I have football practice


my mother picks me up from school


we do our homework


wolves live with other wolves


I go to the store by myself


I ride my bike


I have a piano lesson


my grandmother visits us


my sister goes to sleep


wolves speak by howling


my brother eats pizza


the mouse follows me around


my father swims in the pool


wolves hunt in packs