Cool! Unit 2: Is It True?

5. Activity 2: Meet the Wolves

Watch this video about wolves. “Meet the Animals – Episode 6 – Gray


Teacher: You may need to show the video more than once. Write or project these sentences on the board.

Tell students the directions: Watch the video about Gray Wolves twice. First, watch and listen. Then, students choose the correct word to fill in the blanks. Students should work in pairs first to figure out the right word. Then, call on volunteers to speak the correct sentence aloud.

Hebrew instructions for the students:

צפו בוידאו על הזאבים האפורים (זאב מצוי) והשלימו את המילה הנכונה. עבדו בזוגות. 

 1. Wolves are a kind of wild ____________.           dog/cat

2. A wolf usually sleeps during the __________.     day/night

3. Wolves live in ______________.                        oceans/forests

4. Wolves eat _____________.                                       people/animals

5. Wolves live _________________.                      by themselves/in packs (groups)