Cool! Unit 2: Is It True?

6. Activity 3: Contradictions - Don't & Doesn't

Explain (write on the board):

do not – don’t

does not = doesn’t

Speak aloud several sentences using these contractions.


Wolves don’t wear clothing.

A wolf doesn’t walk on two legs.

Ask students to speak out loud to practice the use of don’t or doesn’t to complete the sentences below.

Hebrew instructions for the students:

·         השלימו את המשפטים הבאים בעל פה (בחרו את האפשרות הנכונה מהסוגריים)

1. A wolf _________________ eat ice cream.  (doesn’t / don’t)

2. Wolves ________________ live in water. (doesn’t / don’t)

3. Usually children _______________ like to go to bed early. (doesn’t / don’t)

4. Israel ______________ have much rain in the summer. (doesn’t / don’t)

5. Wolves ___________ usually hunt alone. (doesn’t / don’t)