5. Two Truths and a Lie (6th-12th Grade)

The students write down three sentences with information about themselves, however, one must be a lie. 

Version 1: Other students then ask them questions to discover which statement was a lie (you can take a vote).

Tip: you should participate too!  

You may ask the students to think of follow-up questions in pairs.

Instructions in Hebrew (you can project on/copy it to the board):

כתבו 3 משפטים על עצמכם. שני משפטים נכונים ומשפט אחד שהוא שקר.
 על חברי הכיתה לשאול שאלות כדי לגלות מה השקר ומה האמת.

Truth, Lie, Street Sign, Contrast, Contrary, Note