9. A Question on a Chair (7-10th grades)

Arrange the class in a circle. The numbers of chairs should be equal to the number of students. To each chair stick a note with a question. 

The students walk around the chairs while you play music (use your phone or the computer). When you turn the music off, each student sits on a chair and checks the question on it. Let the students a minute to think about their question and then ask them to share their answer. 

Do 4-5 rounds of this - make sure every student gets a chance to share. 

Possible questions:
What did you dare to do on this vacation that you didn't do before?
Name one place you went to during the vacation
What did you learn about yourself during the vacation?
How many times did you go to the pool?
Name the best ice-cream you ate
What was your biggest difficulty during the vacation? How did you handle it?
Who are the person/people who most empowered you during your vacation?
What was your best day?
What was your worst day?

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