Unit 1: Friends

2. Introduction

This unit includes the vocabulary:

Part 1:
age, also, begin, birthday, different, hobby, month, the same, year, 

a lot of, chess, first, important, learn, ninety, old,

people, special, together, win, young 

Part 2: 

best, better, call, choose, information, more, 

next, wait, 

at night, blanket, brush, every, give, put, take care of,

time, toy, wash, with, 

always, but, fast, hard, help, if, kid,

like, other, team

Part 3:

beautiful, because, break, for, into, near, 

race, road, their, 

idea, money, now, use

Part 4: 

closed, find, flower, look for, nice, secret, tell a story,   

cry, I'm sorry, perhaps, sick, too