Unit 1 Activities: Meet the Characters

4. Unit 1 Bingo



Play bingo using the cards below. You will need "placeholders" for each student so they can mark which words have been called out. There are 8 different bingo boards to print out, preferably in color. Each student should receive one bingo card OR you can pair two students up and they will play as a team.

Aim of the game:

 To be the first one to fill in four squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Hebrew Instructions

כללי המשחק:

·     שחקנים מוצאים את המילה על הלוחות שלהם, לכסות אותו עם שעועית או כפתור.

·     השחקן הראשון שיש "בינגו" (ארבעה ברציפות בכל כיוון - אנכי, אופקי, אלכסוני)


·         יש אפשרות לשחק כצוות בזוגות.

card 1:

card 1

card 2:

card 2

card 3:

card 3

card 4:

card 4

card 5:

card 5

card 6:

card 6

card 7:

card 7

card 8:

card 8

word list (read/show in random order)