Unit 1 - Way to Go

2. Birthday Angels

Activity: Watch Birthday Angels Video: 

Discuss the video (some Hebrew, but mostly English) with the students and answer the questions below. Then, ask the students to write the answers in complete sentences using correct punctuation (capital letters and periods). 

Note: You may need to view the video more than once with the students. You may need to give sentence starters if your students need it. Write the sentence starters on the board or give the students’ paper with the sentence starters written out. 

Example: A birthday angel helps _________________________________. 


1.  What does a “birthday angel” do? 

Example: A birthday angel helps a child have a birthday party/children have birthday parties. 

2.  What is in the birthday party kit? 

The birthday party kit has things like songs, stickers, and candles…

3.  How does the birthday child thank the birthday angels? 

The child sends a thank you card to the birthday angels. 

4.  Why are the “birthday angels” included in this chapter/book entitled “Way to Go?” 

The birthday angels are included because they are doing good things… and “Way to Go” is a way of saying “good job.” 

5.  Ask students to make up a question (orally) for another student in the group. Discuss the questions that the students make up.