Unit 1 - Way to Go

1. Beginning Lesson

Opening: Write the day and date on board. We suggest you start the session with a song or video. (see below) Fellows and students greet each other. Engage in a conversation with the students about some of these familiar topics. 

Fellow says: “Good morning/afternoon, students!”

Students say: Good …! 

Fellow says: “It’s nice to see you again.” 

Students say: I'm happy to see you too. 

Fellow says: “Welcome to our lesson.”

Fellow says: “My name is “…” “What’s your name?” 

Student says: “My name is “…” That student turns to next student and asks, “What’s your name?” The next student says… “My name is…” (Continue speaking and practicing names with each student in the group.)

Fellow asks: “How are you? What’s new?” 

Student says:I'm good/ I'm fine/ I'm all right

Fellow asks: “How is your day?” Student says: It is good. / My day was great/fine.

Fellow asks: What time is it?Practice saying the time with students… 

Fellow asks: “What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow?”Practice answering these questions with the students.  Days of the Week Rap: 

Fellow asks: “What season are we in now?”Practice saying, “The season is …” with the students. 

Fellow asks: “What is the month?” Practice saying today is “…….” with students. 

What month is your birthday in? Students answer, “My birthday is in the month of “…” Student asks other student. What month is your birthday in…? 

Fellow asks: “How’s the weather?” 

Students practice saying: It is cloudy/ it's rainy/ it's hot/ it’s nice/ sunny/ windy / cold / foggy…

Fellow asks: “Are you ready to start our activities today?”

Students: “Yes!!”