Unit 3: Animals

4. Watch, speak, and listen

Activity 3: Watch, speak, and listen - Watch the 2-minute video "Playful Panda Cub"

(Make sure to give students paper and something to write with.)

Click on the hyperlink:

or type in the title of the video in YouTube. 

1.     Before viewing the video, tell students that while they are watching the video, they need to write down at least two actions of the panda.

Examples: The panda… sits, eats, stands, climbs, jumps… (use present tense/past tense verbs)

       2.  Write and review 7 verbs on the board and say each word out loud. Tell students to

            act out each action as you say each word. Tell students you will ask them to tell

            you what actions they saw the pandas do and what they wrote down after the video.


Verbs - Present tense/past tense verbs

1.     sit/sat

2.    eat/ate

3.    drink/drank

4.    climb/climbed

5.    run/ran

6.    jump/jumped

      7. sleep/slept


        Note: Practice creating other sentences using these verbs. Encourage students to speak in complete sentences. Model speaking in a complete sentence.


        Examples: The student jumps. The teacher climbs a tree.  The boy eats leaves.


        3. After watching the video, ask students to turn to their partner and ask what

             else they noticed about the pandas and their habitat (where they live)…


Examples: Students identify characteristics/adjectives (The pandas are playful, energetic, happy), colors (The pandas have black and white fur, live near green leaves…)