Unit 3: Animals

2. Field Trip to the Zoo

Activity 1: Introduce the topic and write it as a title on the board – Field Trip to the Zoo


First, ask questions to students related to their background knowledge.




●     Speak slowly and increase your wait time for responses.

●     Model and encourage students to speak in complete sentences.

⇒      Teacher asks: Have you ever been to the zoo? (Yes I have been to the zoo./No, I’ve never been to the zoo...)

⇒      Teacher asks: When was the last time you were at the zoo? (Model: I went to the zoo yesterday.)

⇒      Write this sentence starter on the board: At the zoo I saw _______.

⇒      Teacher says: “Turn to one person next to you and tell them which animals you saw.” –

⇒      Give students a few minutes to question and answer each other.