Virtual Learning: High School

2. Speaking Activity: Can you tell me about…?

Can you tell me about…?

  1. what you like doing most in your free time?

  2. something you love?
    something you don't like? 

  3. something you really care about? 

  4. a place you visited? 

  5. a time when you were very happy? 

  6. a time when you were excited? 

  7. what do you do on rainy days? 

  8. something you've eaten that is very delicious? 

  9. something that is very boring? 

  10. your pet?

  11. your favorite book?

  12. someone in your family?

  13. your favorite music or song?

  14. a country or place you would like to visit and why? 

  15. about one of your grandparents?

  16. about a time when you felt really proud?

  17. about one of your friends?