Virtual Learning: Elementary School

3. Interactive Worksheets

The following links include interactive online exercises with self-correction. 


Greetings Interactive Page (4th Grade)

My name is Tony (Listening Activity) (4th Grade)

Classroom Instructions

Classroom Verbs (3rd-4th Grade) 


Colors Practice (4th grade) 

Fish Color Practice (4th grade) 

Shapes and Colors (4th-5th grade) 


Numbers 1-10 Listening Activity (3rd-4th grade) 

Numbers True or False (5th grade) 

Numbers 1-10 Unscramble (4th-5th grade)

Food Items 

Food Vocabulary Practice (4th grade) 

I Like / I Don't Like (4th-5th grade)

Likes and Dislikes Listening Practice (4th-5th grade) 

Food Vocabulary Matching (5th grade) 

Food Multiple Choice Practice (5th grade) 

Form Sentences About Food (5th-6th grade) 

Fruits (Listen, Drag, Drop) (5th grade)

Food Vocabulary Matching (5th grade)

School Items 

School Supplies (Listen and Choose) (4th-5th grade)

The Weather

Seasons (4th grade) 

Letters, Grammar & Language

Verbs Practice (6th grade)
In, On, Under (4th grade)

Phonics Practice (4th grade) Letter-Sound-Word Practice (4th-5th grade)