Virtual Learning and Tools

1. Virtual Teaching: Webinar Materials

Click here to download the MITF Webinar Session for Virtual Teaching (March 18, 2020) 

Click here to download "Tips and Tricks for Engaging Students Online"

Click here to download "No Tech Activities to Support Distance Teaching and Learning"

Before you start teaching online, there are many factors to consider to create and run a good virtual session.

Adapt your teaching methods and delivery. Teaching in a virtual setting is not the same as teaching in person.

Watch other teachers teach online. Consider your pacing and delivery. Slow down. Learn what not to do,  learn what it’s like to be a student.

Include these Roadmap Visuals to break up your sessions:

-Future Tasks

➢When learners come into your visual space, they

-should know exactly what they are expected to do
-what to expect from the session
-what to expect from you

➢When you create virtual learning activities these are the things to take into consideration:

1. What is the level? (who are the students?)
2. What is the aim of the activity? (writing, reading, speaking, listening) 
3. What is the topic? 
4. What is the vocabulary/text?

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