MITF Professional Teaching Development - January 2019

7. Lori Abramson

If You Can Sing It, You Can Say It: Teaching English through Songs 

Many of us have powerful memories connected in some way to music. Maybe it was a certain song that accompanied us through an important time in our lives; maybe we discovered a special song that made us laugh, cry, or dance. Research shows that music has a physical effect on students and the learning process – it can help us focus, it can awaken creativity, and create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom, thus lowering the stress and tension of learning. In this workshop we will learn how to use music to teach English reading, writing, and speaking to elementary school students. Participants will leave this workshop with tools and ideas for planning your activity, choosing the right strategies for teaching vocabulary and grammar, and evaluating the results.

Workshop Presentation

Songs for the Classroom - Workshop Worksheet