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28.8.19 Seminar - TOOLBOX Session - Hanny Fuks

28.8.19 Seminar - TOOLBOX Session - Hanny Fuks

by Hanny Fuks -
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 Answers to the questions that were asked during the Toolbox session:

  1. What is the website address for the toolbox?


  1. You said we can print papers we will need. Where? At our schools? Some school will allow you to print (make sure you ask in advance). On the first pedagogical seminar which will take place at Tel Aviv, on September 8, you will be able to print worksheets for the beginning of the year.


  1. When will we give the PowerPoint presentation about ourselves? It depends on your school. You can decide it with your teacher or any time you meet your new students. It is a tool to communicate when you get to know your  new students.


  1. What teaching supplies will we have access to? You need to discuss this at your school.  We will provide you with some teaching materials during the seminar for example, paper, cardboard sheets to create cards.


  1. For activities like the beach ball introduction, would we have to buy the ball or do the schools usually have materials we can use? You will be able to find a ball in your school (not necessarily a beach ball). Ask the teachers they may have an extra beach ball for you. One of the students can borrow you a beach ball for the lessons.


  1. A lot of the material is for elementary schools, is there a good website for teaching materials for middle school teachers? Yes, you will find links and material that are relevant and suitable for JHS on the Toolbox. You will find the links to all the books used in Israel.



  1. Can I use my phone for google translate in class? Yes, of course! Especially in the beginning of the year.


  1. Are we required to teach the children grammar? I keep hearing different answers. We recommend to focus on vocabulary and teach Grammar as part of the context. For example, singular plural (s,es,ies) teach them as part of complete lesson. Irregular plural forms too (foot-feet) in context.



  1. How do Arab schools differ from Jewish schools? They do not differ in terms of the English Curriculum. There are cultural differences and a different holidays.  Arab schools may be closed on different dates than the Jewish schools.  Every sector has a specific school calendar.


  1. Does the first “visit” occur on our first day in the school or before? Yes, you will begin on September 1st. That is considered your first visit.


  1. How common is color printing? It is not very common.  You may ask from the teacher / principal for a few copies if you need for games that will be used throughout the year.


  1. If we need supplies for a lesson, that are not available at our school, do we need to personally purchase them? We do not recommend you to buy supplies. Try to get those from the school.



  1. Where can we get the pages online that you printed for us? There aren’t enough for everyone! I will as from the groups leaders to give them to you. They are available on line. On the beginning of the year section.


  1. Who will everyone be voting for in the democratic primaries? I don't know!!! Great question



15.                Forms We will send you the Links to the GOOGLE FORMS. Please fill them as soon as possible.


  1. What is the seminar on September 8? The seminar will be devoted to pedagogical sessions and professional development.  There will be workshops about reading acquisition, vocabulary learning, gamification and more. It is a full day seminar – 9:30-17:30 in Tel-Aviv.


  1. I feel in over my head how do I remain calm? Please, take this as an adventure! The teacher in your school is in charge of the kids.  You are part of the teaching enrichment program where the kids will be using their English in a meaningful way. In the classrooms, it is very difficult to talk to each other.  Play, sing and enjoy yourself with the kids. This is the best way to learn and grow!!! ☺☺☺


  1. We will be working with any kids that have no English speaking ability? I don't know. It depends on your school.


  1. Do we need to turn in our forms? Or are they just for us? Yes, please fill in the forms on GOOGLE Forms.


  1. Very helpful form - Thank you!